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17 Mar

Google to reward mobile friendly websites

It’s a known fact that mobile usage for internet browsing is on the steady rise, and the way people access data and search has evolved to become completely mobile. This evolution has made the world of web design and content management on the web an exciting place over the last few years, but before now a websites ability to perform on multiple devices has never been a factor in determining its ranking factor within Google’s search engine algorithm.


While Google’s search engine has been teasing indicators over the past year of its intentions in the form of a small ‘mobile friendly’ logo, and it’s release of the ‘Mobile friendly test’ it hasn’t until now released information on how it takes these factors into consideration.



Google made the announcement on their official blog that as of the April 21st they will officially be considering the ‘Mobile friendliness’ of a website as an integral part of their search engine algorithm, and go on to say that this change will happen worldwide and is set to have  a significant impact on search results. We don’t know whether this change is confined purely to mobile search results, but chances are that if they aren’t doing it now, they will be in the near future.

So what does this mean for everyone with a non-responsive website? Don’t panic! Google aren’t about to stop people finding a site if it has relevant content to provide viewers / clients. But needless to say, even small businesses should be considering when they plan to make the move to having a responsive website. Many have already made the transition, and after this announcement people will be less inclined to take the risk of their website’s rankings being penalised.

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