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09 Mar

App finding through Google

It’s no secret that usage for searching on the web is shifting from desktop to mobile, and businesses only stand to benefit by making themselves accessible via such devices.

But when trying to decide between the effectiveness of an app vs a responsive website to offer services, the scales are leaning more towards a mobile website for its ease of use and potentially greater audience.


At the moment, searching through Google will show whether your site is mobile friendly, and can have positive results when ranking for mobile, but Google are looking to improve the way Apps are found, and this could mean local businesses considering how an App would benefit them by boosting sales and retaining loyal customers rather than going for the traditional website.   


A recent conference involving Google Webmasters Trend Analyst Mariya Moeva shed some light into how Google are looking to improve app discovery for web users within their search engine. The current implementation of the ‘App Indexing’ system only works if the searcher has the app installed, but Google’s dev team are hard at work to improve app discovery through the search engine and present users with apps containing helpful content that they have not yet installed.

This is only good news for those who have already invested in the benefits of an app for their business, and as time goes on and apps become more prevalent within web search results; more and more businesses may look to capitalise on this marketing avenue.

This article was syndicated by Search It Local.