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27 Feb

New Call-Only Campaigns


Call-Only Campaigns is a new option in Adwords released this month by Google. It allows businesses to reach customers by showing their phone number, business description and a call button. The URL will still be displayed but that won’t be the focus. Looking very similar to a normal PPC ad, they are designed to encourage users to call the advertiser, instead of  taking them to a landing page.


Benefits of Call-Only Campaigns

This type of campaign is intended to capture 100% of the calls to leads, giving the user the option to call the advertiser once he is ready to commit to a purchase. It is also estimated that calls are worth at least three times as much than clicks.

 A new feature of this campaign type is that you don’t have to pay for irrelevant desktop clicks if you don’t want them. If your ads showed in lower positions and you had the Call Extension enabled, the extension would not show, resulting in clicks to your mobile site.

Also,  mobile searches will exceed desktop ones in 2015, making this an intelligent move by Google and a beneficial option to advertisers.

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