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20 Feb

Why Bing Ads?

“Bing is for Doing”. This is the maxim on which Bing prides itself nowadays. Being owned  by Microsoft it has overtaken Yahoo to become the second most used search engine. This means it also became the second largest PPC network and it ‘s the first to offer enhanced campaigns for mobile PPC.

Is Bing Ads for you? Here are a few of reasons why you should consider signing up to this service today.

  • It drives more leads, more sales and more traffic for less money.
  • It powers search beyond Microsoft, for partners including Macintosh, Kindle, Fire Phone, Netflix and Facebook.
  • Click-through rates and cost-per-click will be less than for other channels.
  • People who search on Bing are a little older than Google searchers, will have more disposable income to spend and are proven to be more determined and educated.

So, why not take advantage of the two largest PPC Networks out there, or at least try them out? It is always a safe bet to go with Google AdWords but with the growth of Bing Ads since it’s launch you never now what  could happen in the future.

This article was syndicated by Search It Local.